Healthy Living

The Love of The Journey

One of the things that I will often speak with my clients about is how important it is to stay more committed and focused on the process of financial planning than the actual plan itself.

Behavioural Finance

The Power of a One Page Financial Plan

Do you think it’s realistic to get you and your family’s entire financial plan written down onto a single page? That’s right. One page. I, for one, believe it’s 100% realistic and I would love to share with you as to why I believe a one page financial plan is the way to go, and why it’s so powerful.


Getting Started in Investing is Not Rocket Science

Investing can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you're just getting started. The financial industry makes investing sound more complex than it really needs to be. They key is to simply just get started and to keep it simple.

Money Management

3 Tools to Maximize Your Money Every Month

There is a plethora of phone apps and tools available these days to help us keep our finances on track. A lot of of these apps will help automate and manage your money and can get you set up for financial success. You don’t need to add every tool out there to your toolbox, you just need to find a few tools that will work well for you.


5 Smart Moves to Make with Your Tax Refund

We don't all get cheques in the spring from the government in the form of a tax refund, but if you do, what are you doing with it? First we tackle the reason why you're getting this refund and then we dive into the 5 smart moves you can make this year with your refund.